Production of Welded Steel Structures,
Machinery and Technological Units
regular member of the Czech Association of Steel Construction
Podhradská 5,  350 02 Cheb GPS:  50°3´59.130"N"   12°23´17.041"E"  |  tel:  +420 602 261 729   e-mail:
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Under protective gas MIG, MAG (CO2, Argon, M21) and submerged arc
Dimensions welded parts (22x10x4m - according to the capacity of cranes - 20 and 12 tons)

Heat treatment:

Annealing furnace in its own dimension of 1000 x 1000 x 2000 mm
Stress relieving vibrating
Heat treatment of larger parts we provide externaly

Mechanical machining:

Turning: max diameter 1000x6000mm; maximum weight of 5.000 kg
Carousel CNC: max. dimension 1200 mm
Milling max. dimension 425 x 2000 mm
Cylindrical grinding: maximum diameter 300 mm maximum weight of 500 kg
Boring: max. dimension 2500 x 3150 x 5000 mm, maximum weight of workpieces 20 tons
Centering: in sheet thickness 15 mm, width 2500 mm
Edging: length 4000 mm, pressure 250 tons

Cutting of material:
Cutting: maximum diameter 400 mm, maximum length 12000 mm, weighing up to 5000 kg
Cutting: steel sheet: to  6 mm  thickness - max 2500 x 3000 mm
                                 from 7 mm  thickness - max    900 x 3000 mm (max. thickness 16 mm)
Burning NC machine: sheet 12000 x 2500 mm, max. thickness: 40 mm plasma / 200mm oxy-acetylene (C2H2 + O2)

Blasting and surface treatment:
Continuous blasting chamber with a working space (1500 x 15000 mm 450x) Sa 2
Hand blasting in tunnel blasting to Sa 2.5
Spray box and painting the exhaust system

Transportation and Handling:

own railway
Indoor and outdoor gantry cranes - 8 tons; 12.5 tons; 20 tons (Simultaneous operation of cranes more)
Custom Road TMV60/16Z weight, the CZ 60 tons with registration system  (approval No decision 1282/92/LPM CMI Brno)
The basic production and technical parameters
Area of the Complex
Production area:                  16000 m2
Company area:                  240000 m2
Storage area:                            800 m2
Our engineers are working in systems
For production management we use the ERP system
Easy Technology from company TD-IS, s.r.o
with integrated accounting system
Pohoda from  company Stormware s.r.o.
Selection of Machinery
Horizontal boring machine W 100 (2x)
Horizontal boring machine WD 160 (x2)
NC press brake Gasparini PS9 250/4000: maximum length of 4 meters; pressure 250 t
Lathes SRM 125: maximum diameter 1000x6000mm; maximum weight of 5.000 kg
Carousel SKQ 12: max diameter 1200 mm; maximum weight of 5.000 kg
NC lathe: SPT16
NC Drill VXR 50: 8 spindles
Slotting machine: HOV 40
Welding Equipment: ESAB MIG 500 tW, LUD450W, LAW 520W, Kemppi Pro Evolution 4200