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Czech Association of Steel Construction
Production of Welded Steel Structures,
Machinery and Technological Units
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The origin of our joint-stock company Strojírny Cheb
dates back to the March 2009. We are one of the subsidiaries of a joint-stock
company Sokolovské strojírny a.s

The company's history, however, goes deep into the past
and has several milestones.

- Year 1951 -  the company starts to operate under the name
                     Centrální dílna hnědouhelných dolů a briketáren

- Year 1953 - the company name was changed to Ústřední dílny HDB Sokolov
                    The main task at the time, was ensuring maintenance
                    of new equipment in the coal mining district.

- Year 1963 - opening of a new division in Cheb in reconstructed airport hangars.
                    Here we began to repair dump trucks series LOWA, LH,
                    Bucket excavators E2,5 and implement large-scale investment
                    projects  for mining industry in Sokolov.

- Year 1968 - Company name changed to
                    Sokolovské strojírny HDB n.p. Sokolov

- Year 1975 - the company was changed to the concern

- Year 1992 - in connection with the privatization of the original concern company
                    was established a joint stock company called
                    Sokolovské strojírny a.s.
Company History